Spring Has Sprung at Bartram’s Garden

01 Spring Fest Fishing (Kromah Studio - Bartram's Garden)

Happy spring! Although every season brings forth its own unique marvels in the natural world, there’s
nothing quite like spring here at Bartram’s Garden. Seeing nature transform around us is nothing short
of magical, and this season of renewal fills me with such excitement and optimism about the months
I’m looking forward to seeing the Garden blooming and teeming with life—not only the land and the
river but also through neighbors and friends coming out to visit, enjoy, play, and connect. As you read
these pages, I hope you’re excited by all the ways to enjoy spring here at the Garden and in the
• Come explore the Bartram’s Mile Trail and the Tidal Schuylkill River with free biking, fishing and
boating this season.
• Come see bloodroot, my favorite spring blooming flower, and many others around the Garden.
Check out the bloom calendar on page 8 to find your favorites!
• Connect with all the ways that our neighbors, staff, and community organizations are making a
difference in our neighborhood’s ecosystem. Join us on Saturday, April 15 for SpringFest, or
learn more about tree planting, home gardening, and other ways that Southwest neighbors are
taking care of our environment.
• Lend a helping hand and come volunteer at the Garden, the Sankofa Community Farm, or out in
the neighborhoods as we all prepare to grow this season.
I’m looking forward to seeing you in the Garden soon!

(Images: Bartram’s Garden Fishing [Photo Credit: Kromah Studio] & Spring Blossoms (Photo Credit:
Kromah Studio)]

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