Spring is here at Bartram’s Garden!

The Bartram’s Garden Greenhouse where volunteers can work to cultivate plants and seedlings for Bartram’s plant sales or for transplanting out in the gardens themselves.  March 27 and April 10 are the next volunteer days, but advance registration is required (below)

Lots of outdoor activities await its SW neighbors

By Ted Behr

The Bartram’s Garden is full of joyous outdoors opportunities these days!  Just go to their website at (www.bartramsgarden.org ) for a thorough run-down on the events and activities.  Of special note are:

    Volunteer Days (March 27 and April 10):  Register immediately for the March 27 (or April 10) Horticulture Volunteer Day and a chance to remove plant growth that doesn’t belong in the Garden (Invasive species). Or work in the green house to cultivate plants and seedlings for sale or transplanting out in the gardens.  


Volunteer Days begin at 9:00 a.m. and provide a practical way to help preserve our wonderful Southwest treasure and one of the outstanding natural locations in the area.   Masks are required and persons with Covid-19 symptoms are respectfully requested to wait until after they subside.

    Special Garden Tour: Spring Flowers (March 27)

Bartram’s Garden Curator Joel Fry leads an early-spring tour from 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. centered around Spring flowers and early plant emergence. A limited number of tickets are available for in-person attendance. If visitors prefer to join virtually, they can watch and listen for free over Zoom (link on the website).  In person capacity is capped, so please register ahead of time using the ticketing links below.

Note: For families that live in the Southwest neighborhood near Bartram’s Garden at 5400 Lindbergh Blvd. or have an ACCESS card. The entrance fee is only $2.00!  To register, visit:


All attendees will be expected to wear face masks, share contact tracing information and sign a COVID waiver. Since social distancing may make it harder to hear our guide during our walk, we recommend that you bring a pair of headphones with you so that you can tune into our Zoom audio feed on your phone.

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