Story Reading Time at Mitchell Elementary

Volunteers from Wayne Presbyterian Church’s CityLights Ministry joined several Mitchell Elementary School parents for a read-in with groups of young students in mid-March.  “It was a joy to have the attentive and well-behaved youngsters clustered around me as I sat and I read a Dr. Seuss book to them,” said one visitor. “There are basic life issues in these stories and the kids connect with them immediately.  My second graders readily saw the problems of injustice and discrimination when the Sneetches who had stars on their bellies looked down arrogantly on Sneetches who didn’t! And they were rather upset when Mr. McBean swindled all the Sneetches, both nasty and nice, out of their money.”  

Wayne Presbyterian members have been regularly coming to Mitchell under its CityLights ministry for 25 years under the leadership of Wayne member and educator Jane Beatty.  

CityLights is an urban/suburban, faith-based partnership that helps Southwest agencies and individuals share resources and needs, programs and activities.  The vibrant Mitchell school library with several thousand books and an interactive relationship with classroom teachers is in many respects a product of that sustained effort.

CityLights is based at The Common Place, 58th & Chester Ave.  For more information, visit

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