Street Trees Available for Kingsessing Residents

street trees

UC Green is committed to providing communities with the knowledge to properly plant and care for trees in their neighborhoods. They are now accepting applications for Kingsessing residents who are interested in street trees.  

Requests submitted by mid November may get planted the following April and requests submitted mid November through April may be planted the following November, if approved by Philadelphia Street Tree Management and PHS.

According to Tree Philly “A street tree is a tree planted along sidewalks and other public rights-of-way. Street trees are an important part of making our city cleaner and greener. Planted in sidewalks and other public rights-of-way, street trees beautify neighborhoods, reduce energy costs, and clean our air.”

CLICK HERE to apply.

Questions? Contact your local Tree Tenders group leader, or Jehane Samaha at PHS (215-988-8795 or

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