Survey to Better Understand the Communities’ Experiences with Wealth and Debt. 


As part of the Equitable Wealth Initiative, PCDC is supporting distribution of a survey to better understand their communities’ experiences with wealth and debt. 

The goals of the research are to:

• Level set their understanding of the existence and drivers of a racial wealth gap in Philadelphia

• Combine quantitative trends and qualitative research around:

        o Housing purchase, refinance, and credit scores (income and assets)

        o Student debt (extractive policies)

        o Criminal justice debt (extractive policies)

        o Tangled titles (intergenerational mechanisms)

• Broaden the definition of and experience of wealth.

The report will be published by the Philadelphia Federal Reserve and serve as a key tool to engage stakeholders in deepening strategies around wealth building in the region. 

Respondents will be compensated $10 for their time.

The link to the survey is here:

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