TD Bank and Educators 4 Education Forge a Path to Financial Empowerment

TD Bank and Educators 4 Education Forge a Path to Financial Empowerment

By Andrea McDonald

In the fall of 2023, TD Bank joined forces with the Educators 4 Education (E4E) Keys to Success Mentoring Program to provide foundational financial knowledge to the city’s youth. This dynamic relationship, initiated by Educators 4 Education President and CEO Anthony Singleton, harnesses the potential of TD’s community space at TD Workshop, 3735 Walnut St., to host informative sessions for high schoolers.

In a series of Monday evening classes throughout November, fifteen participants aged 14-18 from Educators 4 Education’s Keys to Success mentoring program delved into the essentials of financial wellness. The curriculum, tailored to resonate with a variety of issues related to urban living, spanned topics from basic banking and paycheck comprehension to budgeting and the fundamentals of home buying.

Karen Angier, TD Workshop Manager, shares the excitement: “Our Financial Wellness courses, designed for the program’s students, align perfectly with TD’s commitment to community service. It’s a privilege to open our doors and guide these young minds through the intricacies of financial management.”

Located in the University City district, TD Workshop – TD’s first-ever retail innovation lab – opened its doors in June 2022. TD Workshop combines a fully functional store with space designed for researching, collaborating, and bringing the community together.

Early fall discussions with TD Bank culminated in a series of November sessions aimed at providing education and a sense of empowerment to Philadelphia youth with the tools to manage their finances from a young age.

Feedback from three participants – Semaj, 15, Azeen, 14, and Braylon, 14 – youth from the Southwest Philadelphia and West Philadelphia sections of the city — underscored the program’s transformative impact. From learning to validate checks, to understanding credit and house renting, all cited that the sessions inspired a newfound appreciation for financial literacy. “You should go!” Azeen notes. “It’s fun, and they teach you how to do important things when you’re older.”

The TD Bank-Educators 4 Education alliance is an educational venture, is a commitment to nurturing financially savvy future citizens. As this relationship flourishes, it promises to be a beacon of hope and empowerment for Philadelphia’s youth.

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