Testing for Covid-19: Still Important

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Many testing sites are available in Southwest

Covid-19 cases and deaths are down in Philadelphia in large part due to vaccination and the widespread masking and distancing followed by residents and businesses.  

Nevertheless, Covid-19 testing is still important particularly for people who have not yet been vaccinatedHealth experts advise that testing can provide some valuable peace of mind, especially for people traveling to see family and friends during the upcoming holiday season. 

“When you’re gathering around the holidays, you have to assess the circumstances. If you have younger kids who are unvaccinated with older relatives who are vaccinated, but still could be vulnerable from a breakthrough infection, using testing… makes a lot of sense,” said Scott Gottlieb, former FDA director.   Noted authority Dr. Stephen Phillips added in a NY Times article that regular tests can make schools and workplaces safer and make everyday activities — including indoor ones, such as dinner parties, play dates, weddings and visits with grandparents — less risky.”

Testing for the virus early so it doesn’t have the chance to replicate and descend into your lungs is good advice according to UC San Francisco department of medicine chair Robert Wachter.  

Fortunately, there are a number of locations in Southwest where such testing is available for free.   Some of the SW locations are as follows:   


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