The New Covid-19 Pandemic

People who are NOT yet vaccinated are at great risk

“Don’t Play Russian roulette with your life!”  That was the cry of an overwhelmed Orlando FL ICU doctor quoted on Fox Radio yesterday.  

There is a new pandemic around the country – representing a special danger to minority, urban communities.   This surge is associated with the new variants of the Covid-19 disease which, like the original virus, seems to be coming to the USA from other countries where the pandemic is unchecked.

These variants can be passed more easily from one person to another and are therefore a greater problem for people living in crowded cities.

The good news is that for people who have had both their vaccine shots, while they may come down with the Covid-19 disease (even though vaccinated) the symptoms are less severe, and in most cases they won’t have to go to the hospital for treatment… and the death risk is much lower. 

Dr. Walensky, the highly respected head of the US Center for Disease Control, urges once again that all adults and children over 12 years of age get their free shots. Many local CVS and Walgreen drugstores and ACME supermarkets offer the shots free of charge. Some of them are located in or near Southwest:

  1. CVS Pharmacy, 6900 Lindbergh Blvd, (215) 365-5572
  2. CVS Pharmacy, 101 Chester Ave, Yeadon,(610) 461-2171
  3. CVS Pharmacy, 7900 Lindbergh Blvd, (215) 365-5572
  4. Walgreen Pharmacy,  52 Chester Pike, Darby, PA 610 532-1934
  5. Walgreen Pharmacy, 2310 W. Oregon Ave., 215-468-2481
  6. ACME Market, 1901 Johnston St, (215) 336-4441
  7. ACME Market, 1400 E Passyunk Ave. (215) 467-2221

It was never claimed that vaccines were perfect and there are cases emerging among already vaccinated persons.  But with vaccinated people, the symptoms in breakthrough Covid-19 cases like higher temperature and headache are mild and end in around 5 days, says the CDC.  They seldom require going to the hospital and undergoing ICU care. The national totals so far indicate these striking realities according to the CDC2

Covid-19 Cases

            Total USA          Hospitalized     Deaths

  –  NOT Vaccinated:     169,000,000         33,335,000       603,000 

  –  Vaccinated: 161,000,000:                 5,914              1,141

“Covid-19 – whether the original or a variant – is one of the most infectious respiratory viruses we know of and that I have seen in my 20-year career,” Dr. Walensky said at a Thursday White House briefing, describing the current state of affairs as “another pivotal moment” in the pandemic.

The CDC did not announce any change to its face-mask mandate, although media reports say her agency and the White House are in talks on whether to officially recommend that even vaccinated people should resume wearing a face covering to limit the spread of the variant. 

1 Market Watch, July 23, 2021


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