Traffic Calming Improvements on Cobbs Creek Parkway

Traffic Councilmember Gauthier facilitated a virtual community meeting Tuesday evening to discuss the recent improvements to Cobbs Creek Parkway and N. 63rd Street. The first presentation was done by Nik Kharva, a project manager at HNTB. Kharva showed slides of the various improvements made to slow traffic in an effort to reduce accidents. He also showed slides of the improvements that are scheduled to be completed this spring and summer. Improvements include: resurfacing Cobbs Creek Parkway, installing lane separating curbs, installing slotted speed tables, and installing centerline rumble strips. The second presentation was by the Philadelphia Streets Department. The engineer showedalming Improvements on Cobbs Creek Parkway By Globe Times Staff Writer.

Installed or reinstalled and where curbs will be raised to reduce flooding. Temwa Wright posted in the chat “I am impressed by the amount of work that has been completed over a short period of time. Great job to all involved. I know more is still needed but these are great accomplishments thus far.” Improvements and traffic slowing measures became a priority after a 25 year old woman was killed after being struck by a car and then a second car crossing Cobbs Creek Parkway near Catherine Street in August 2020. Traffic engineers reported that one out every 200 cars drove as fast as 80 mph after midnight.

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