What to Know Before You Go

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by Cavhanah Baht T’om

Bartram’s Garden is Southwest’s park too: Come by and see all the things you can do.

You’re welcome any time before dusk and after dawn. There’s free parking or bike racks, if you’re a biker jawn.

Or the 36 trolley is right up the drive. However you get here, once you arrive,

Make the Welcome Center your first destination. We’ll hook you up with maps and information

Like the best shady spots for your picnic blanket. Or how we can host your wedding banquet

We’ll tell you all about what’s in bloom: Foxglove, larkspur (aka delphinium)

We won’t judge if you hug the trees––You came for Franklinias? This way, please!

Rent some free binoculars or fishing gear (Over 100 species call it home here!)

Experience the historic gardens’ quaint charm And see how we’re “going back” at Sankofa Community Farm

The Bartram’s Mile Trail is accessible for all to explore

Or come boating for free down the Schuylkill’s shore

Go to the Meadow for a frolic and a view. Then visit the plant nursery to take the Garden home with you

We are center of welcome, respite, and celebration. We invite all into our visions and aspiration.

We are proud to welcome all, every day, for free,

Here in Southwest Philly, our community.

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