Work Continues at Clearview Superfund Site

Teds 03 4-16 Issue - EPA Planting at Clearview Site Continues

Photo:  Seen through the modern art structure at the end of 80th Street, the forest of trees planted by the Environmental Protection Agency to stabilize the soil cap over the Clearview Superfund Site will soon begin poking their way through the white plastic tubes that protect them from hungry deer.  The planting project continues as well as several other other activities to strengthen the banks of Darby Creek which passes through the former contaminated landfill.

EPA accelerates remediation of polluted Eastwick landfill

By Ted Behr 

Planting of trees on the topsoil cover over the polluted Clearview landfill began again in earnest in early April.   Construction of the landfill cover, installation of drainage pipes, and further planting to stabilize the soil will continue throughout 2021, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advised recently.

EPA stabilization work also continues along the Darby Creek bank to prevent future erosion, the Agency release notes. A large natural wall composed of logs and stone is currently under construction. Once this is complete, additional similar features will be constructed along other stretches of creek.

EPA is preparing a haul road along the creek bank so that a large retaining wall can be constructed. This wall will be above the 100-year floodplain and will allow for the construction of the rest of the landfill cover. Retaining wall construction will begin this summer.

Residential Yard cleanups are underway as well. Two yards have thus far been remediated in March 2021. Eight residential yards remain, and these should be complete by June 2021.

A virtual Community Advisory Group meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 5, 2021.

Keep track of developments at the Clearview and Folcroft Superfund sites by accessing:

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