WWI Memorial Plaque at Paschalville Library

20210217_141441 (1)

Could an ancestor of yours be listed?

There is a large memorial plaque on the Woodland Avenue side of the Paschalville Library.  It honors the “men and woman of Paschalville who served their country in the Great World War April 6, 1917 – November 11, 2018”.  There are more than 350 names on the plaque.

Paschalville Library will be undergoing major renovations as part of the City-wide Rebuild project in the next couple of years.  There will be an Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant entrance where the plaque is now.  The architects will relocate the memorial as part of the new design and it will stay as part of that end of the library.

It would nice to find a descendant of one of the men and woman listed on the plaque to connect the past to the future.  Some names are harder to read than others in the picture because of the patina.  If you would like the original picture, send an email to donna@southwestcdc.org.   

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